Here is a recent media selection:

Leadership Update : ImaginAb, Inc. (ImaginAb, 20 Feb 2015)
Distinguished Alumni 2014 – Faculty of Engineering (Monash University, Oct 2014)
World watches us tackle the big challenges
(The Australian, 18 Oct 2014)
Let’s get loud: Why we need to boast and praise more in this land of quiet achievers
 (BRW, 20 Nov 2013)
Education needs a new lease of life (The Australian, 06 Nov 2013)
The Years of Living Dangerously (Commercialisation Australia, 23 Oct 2013)
Corporate governance is why the ASX has so many zombie tech companies (BRW, 07 Oct 2013)
ImaginAb’s CEO Chris Behrenbruch Featured in PharmaVoice 100 (ImaginAb, 01 Oct 2013)
Why on earth are economists driving the innovation policy debate? (BRW, 27 Aug 2013)
Special Innovation Report: ImaginAb, Inc (Los Angeles Business Journal, 12 Aug 2013)
If they’re good enough to study here, they’re good enough to stay (BRW, 05 June 2013)
Biotech’s wellspring: the health of private biotech in 2012 (Nature, 08 May 2013)
Excited about the NBN and Australia’s wired future (BRW, 18 Apr 2013)
‘ImaginAb’ That! BioWorld Salutes ‘Overall Awesomeness’ (BioWorld, 01 Apr 2013)
Why ‘Silicon Beach’ is a stupid concept (BRW, 07 March 2013)
Why nanotechnology matters to Australia’s exports (BRW, 07 Feb 2013)
CEO Profile : Christian Behrenbruch, ImaginAb (Hanson Wade EMIT, 29 Jan 2013)
Biotech Start-up ImaginAb Raises Nearly $13m (Los Angeles Business Journal, 27 March, 2013)
Advance Awards : Biotechnology (Advance, March 2012)

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